Struble Wins 2018 North American Champs

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club played host to the 2018 Moth North American Championships Sept 5-8th in conjunction with the Waszp fleet.

A fleet of 10 took to the water with the beautiful Toronto city front in the background and the weather cooperated perfectly in the well known race site. KA (The builder of the Mach2 Moth and the Waszp) and Zhik generously stepped up to sponsor the event.

The club took hospitality to the next level and truly rolled the red carpet out for the fleet, making the pool, courts, bar and other services available with more than one sailor commenting that it felt more like an all inclusive resort than a typical yacht club!

Day one saw 10-15 kts of puffy breeze with warm temps and sunny skies. The RC got four good races with Matt Struble from San Diego, winning all four, Richard Didham, a fellow Californian, taking all seconds and Scott Ferguson from Newport, RI claiming all thirds.

The fleet gathered back on shore after racing, to hold the annual US fleet meeting to discuss next year’s North Americans and other pertinent things. (more on this soon)

After a bit of typical after hours parking lot fiddling, the fleet the called it a night and returned early for day two.

Day two was a bit of a rigging practice as the breeze took the day completely off. The RC called it in a reasonable amount of time and the group was able to explore the area a bit.

Day three was lighter but still great for moth sailing, right around 8-10 kts. Racing was incredibly tight throughout the fleet with a number of battles. Struble had some extra pace though and collected four more bullets. Didham claimed four more seconds but was challenged throughout the day by fellow San Diegon, Jimmer Montgomery who ended up completing the San Diego sweep of the day, claiming four thirds.

The final day brought a bit of a shift in the weather with much cooler air temp and a solid 10-15 knts. The chop was up a bit more thanks to more boat traffic (since it was Saturday, after all)

Didham managed to steal a race win from Struble with Matt taking the other two. Third places were hotly contested all day between Montgomery, Ferguson and Alan Goddard, from Australia.

When the dust settled, Struble had won his second Moth North Americans in a row with Richard Didham taking a solid second with Scott Ferguson in third.

Next year the North Americans will be returning to San Diego, home of the largest moth fleet in the US.

Special thanks go to Andy Brazier for organizing a fantastic event in his home waters!


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