2017 West Coast Winter Series #1 Recap and Video

Eight mothies touched down at Mission Bay Yacht Club for the inaugural west coast winter series event on Dec 16th and 17th.

With temps in the high 60’s and a rare southerly breeze blowing down Mission Bay (the long way), the fleet eagerly rigged up on Saturday morning, ready to stretch their legs in the 12 knot breeze.

The first start was scheduled for a socal-leisurely-noonish and it’s about a 2 minute sail from the beach to the starting line. The fleet made their way down there and though the event was part of a local multi-class dingy event, the moths got to start first and clear out ahead of the slow boats.

Day one belonged to Matt Struble with a 1,1,2 and he was followed up by Ryan Lawrence who missed the first race with some new sail teething issues. Zach Downing, Richard Didham and Zach Maxam filled out the top five after the first day.

Back on the beach after racing, the yacht club provided the traditional hot rum (this event was part of the “Hot Rum Regatta), and the sailors traded stories of the day, setup tips and traditional assorted tales of close calls, exciting moments and general excitement for these incredible little boats!

Sunday morning was a bit warmer but also a bit lighter. The moth fleet stayed on the beach under a self-imposed postponement for about 30 minutes. When the trees started rustling, Matt hit the water to test things out. As soon as his hull lifted out of the water, the rest of the fleet threw on their wetsuits and raced down to the starting line, where the RC was ready to go. Minutes later, the fleet was off and running. With a bit of a chutes and ladders sort of condition, the boats who stayed in the dark patches of water were rewarded. It turned out to be the only race of the day but it was a good one.

When the dust settled, Matt Struble won with Richard Didham second and Ryan Lorance third.

Back on the beach again, the fleet made plans for Winter Series #2 which will be a moth-only event with an optional friday “pre-regatta” race. There is plenty of room of the beach for absolutely anyone who wants to join in the fun. Hope to see you there!

Full Results

Check out this awesome video from Jimmy James of the race on Sunday:

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